Toolkit Introduction

Veri-Fire, LLC, a veteran-founded technology firm, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring its Guardian technology to market. The Guardian is a first of its kind biometric gun trigger lock that ensures only authorized users can fire a handgun to which it is attached. 

We to raise nearly $80,000 in Guardian sales or direct support. 

To reach this goal, we need YOUR help to generate buzz about Guardian and our crowdfunding campaign. 

We thank you for the support you’ve provided our endeavor thus far, and hope that you’ll be willing to help us spread the word further with the tools we have provided below. Together, we can save lives and start changing the way the nation views gun safety. 

Thank you for your support!

-- The Veri-Fire Team

How can you get involved?

You can make a huge difference in the lives of Americans and help change the way the world views gun safety by spreading the word about our Guardian crowdfunding page through Twitter, Facebook, email, and by telling your friends in person.    

TIP: Visit to get your personalized referral link. Use that link in your social media and email outreach. The more of your friends and family who support Guardian thanks to your outreach, the more benefits you get (including a free Guardian and other great products!) 


We’ve included a few sample tweets below for your use (copy/paste):

  • Guardian technology is changing the way the world views #gunsafety. Help @Veri_Fire reach its $80,000 goal.
  • Guardian is a biometric trigger lock for #handguns. Let’s change the way our nation views handgun #safety. 
  • The safest way to protect your family isn’t a gun, it’s a gun with Guardian. Help @Veri_Fire reach their goal:
  • Guardian from @Veri_Fire makes the personal firearm truly personal. Join me in supporting: 
  • Guardian makes your gun available when needed but doesn’t allow it to endanger those you love:
  • Don’t entrust your family’s safety to a high shelf. Guardian prevents handgun accidents:
  • Two #military #veteran entrepreneurs are working to help us protect our families. Learn more:
  • I care about keeping guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why I’m supporting @Veri_Fire’s Guardian campaign:
  • I’m in favor of stronger gun control and that’s why I like Guardian: it’s the ultimate control over who uses a gun.
  • Gun ownership is an essential freedom. Gun safety is our ultimate responsibility. Guardian helps us have both:
  • Give the gift of gun safety this #Christmas. Ensure the gun owners in your life have the ultimate in personal safety:


Help us share the word via Facebook! We’ve included a few posts below for your use.  Feel free to adapt these posts to your liking! 

  • I care about keeping guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why I’m supporting Veri-Fire’s Guardian campaign. Join me in taking action to make guns safer:
  • I’m in favor of stronger gun control and that’s why I like Guardian, a new biometric trigger lock. It’s the ultimate control over who uses a gun. I highly recommend you check it out and join me in supporting this initiative:
  • Like many Americans, I believe that gun ownership is an essential freedom. But I also believe that gun safety is our ultimate responsibility. Guardian helps us have both. You can learn more here:
  • Looking for a gift for the gun enthusiasts this holiday season? I recommend Guardian. It’s the best way to ensure the gun owners in your life have the ultimate in personal safety:
  • Guardian technology is changing the way the nation views #gunsafety. To bring this potentially life-saving technology to market, Veri-Fire needs our help. Support it here:
  • Guardian is a new biometric trigger lock for #handguns that I believe has the potential to change the way we view handgun safety. I recommend you check it out if you’re a gun owner and want to protect you and your family: 
  • Many of us own guns to protect our families. But a gun isn’t the safest way to protect them. You need a gun with Guardian. Learn more about Veri-Fire’s new technology:
  • Guardian is a new #handgun technology that keeps the personal firearm truly personal. Learn more about how you can ensure your gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and show your support:
  • Guardian is a new biometric trigger that offers handgun protection when needed but doesn’t endanger those you love. You can learn more about this initiative started by two men who are military veterans, gun owners, and parents.
  • I don’t think that anyone should entrust their family’s safety to a high shelf. Guardian prevents #handgun accidents in everyday situations. I recommend you check it out and consider buying one for your own gun:
  • Two military veterans have created a way to make our guns and homes safer. Their Guardian technology helps us protect our families and is changing the future of handgun safety. Learn more and take action:


You can help us make a difference by sharing the campaign over email. Just copy and paste the email below and send to your friends and family you think may be most interested in gun safety—but don’t forget to personalize it as you see fit!  

Dear [_________],

I wanted to share with you a start-up company making a product that could save lives. Veri-Fire has created a new technology, called Guardian, with the potential to change the way we view gun safety in America. And it needs our support. 

Guardian is a safety device that blocks access to the trigger until a verified user touches their finger to unlock it. Guardian ensures your personal handgun stays personal. The best part of all is that it won’t slow you down, should you need to use your firearm in an emergency.    

[Here is a great place to personalize your email and provide details about your opinion on handgun safety, and why you chose to support Guardian.

Example: I’m a mother of two elementary school children and my husband and I love to hunt. We have our guns locked up, but we have a handgun hidden in a special location, just in case. With Guardian, we can make sure that our children won’t be put in harms way if they come across our firearm and our own gun will not be used against us.]

Matt and Skylar, the creators, are gun owners, military veterans, and parents. They created this technology so that all Americans can be both ready in a crisis situation and responsible in everyday situations. 

To get Guardian on the market, everyday gun owners, professionals, and even just supporters need to help Veri-Fire raise $100,000 by the end of the year. I’ve supported Veri-Fire by [purchasing a Guardian, making a donation, etc.]. You can do the same here:

Please join me in supporting Guardian’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. By pledging support, you’ll be a part of bringing this revolutionary technology into homes across America, and you can even be one of the very first gun owners in the world to own technology like Guardian. 

You can also help by spreading word to your network. Send friends to, and don’t forget to tag @Veri_Fire in your tweets and on Facebook.   



Talking Points:

Here are a few messages you can use to personalize your social media posts and emails.

  • Guardian is the best of both worlds: a biometric trigger lock that prevents tragic accidents and allows authorized users instant access to the firearm when necessary. 
  • Guardian ensures only the people you want to have access to a handgun have access to the handgun. 
  • Guardian helps keep the personal firearm truly personal. 
  • The safest way to protect your family isn’t a gun, it’s a gun with Guardian. 
  • Guardian is a modern technology that can end a problem that has existed far too long.   

Potential responses:

If you’re willing to share on social media, some of your friends may have questions and comments. We’re happy to have this discussion! Below are some sample responses to help you answer common questions. If someone you share our product with has a question that you don’t feel equipped to answer, please feel free to send them our way at

  • If someone suggests that this product infringes on their freedom to own a handgun: 

Guardian is helping us ensure that we can keep our guns in our homes in a safe and responsible manner. With Guardian, only verified users can use the gun, even if it’s lying out on a table. This technology allows you to have your gun in an easily accessible location, with significantly lower accident risk. 

  • If someone suggests that bad people will still have access to guns and firearms:

Guardian ensures that firearms in every day situations are stored responsibly and cannot be used by individuals whose fingerprints aren’t recognized. Guardian has the potential to save lives.  

  • If someone expresses concerns that Guardian could prevent them from protecting themselves or their family due to the time it takes to unlock:

When presented with an authorized user’s fingerprint, Guardian authenticates and unlocks in less then 1 second.  The optional PIN access is just as fast. 

  • If someone expresses concerns that their ability to shoot will be impaired by Guardian:

Guardian has no impact to normal firearm operation.  All normal firearm functions, such as load/unload, cock/de-cock, safe and fire (while unlocked) are available.  Guardian weighs less than a pound and has no impact to your ability to accurately aim and fire your firearm.