We are pleased to provide the inaugural post to the R3 Forum.  R3 encompasses the Veri-Fire slogan of “Ready, Reliable, Responsible” and this forum will address a wide selection of topics.  Those topics will include: Personal readiness (do you know how to prepare for or handle a crisis?); the reliability of technology, as it applies to firearms products; and the responsibility of being a gun owner.  If you have ideas for topics or have content that fits in the forum, please email us at info@veri-fire.com.

How Do I Choose A Handgun For Protection?

As I talk with people about Veri-Fire and Guardian, the conversation frequently turns to handgun makes and models.  One question that seems to always come up is: “I am thinking about buying a handgun…how do pick the right one?”  This usually leads to a 10-15 minute conversation that includes me asking questions like: Who will use the handgun…you or your spouse?  What will you use the handgun for…home defense or concealed carry?  It’s always interesting conversation and I quickly realize that each person has a specific requirement that doesn’t necessarily work for every other person.

So, when I saw this video from the folks over at Personal Defense Network (PDN), I knew it would be a great first topic for our R3Forum.  Kristin Larson, lead instructor at Prime Defense, does a great job of summarizing the considerations you should take when choosing a handgun.  As a bonus, she summarizes my typical 10-15 minute “ramble” into a little more than 2 minutes.Not bad huh?


PDN has a ton of other great content that you’ll probably see shared here periodically.  Give them a visit over at www.personaldefensenetwork.com and follow them on twitter: @P_D_N.

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