Six years ago, Skylar and I were sitting around the kitchen table in my house in San Antonio, TX watching our children play.  We began talking about the latest tragedy in the news where a child was involved in an accidental shooting.  Being gun owners ourselves, we understood the impossible dilemma every gun owner faces: how to secure their handgun in a responsible way, yet be reliably assured that when a crisis occurs they are ready.  We knew what was available on the market and saw clearly why those products offered gun owners choices to secure their handgun, but not solutions that preserved readiness while reliably increasing safety.  As we talked, we wondered why such a solution didn’t already exist?  We believed that there had to be a way to balance a gun owner’s desire to be both ready and responsible.  As former Security Forces in the United States Air Force, we were relied upon in crisis situations to be problem solvers and quickly our discussion turned from questions to solutions.  We literally began sketching concepts on the back of a napkin and, thus, Guardian was born.  

In 2012, we began work on a design in earnest and, in 2013, Veri-Fire, LLC was formed.  We started Veri-Fire with a mission to save lives by providing ready, reliable, and responsible solutions to the challenge of firearm safety.  Our vision is to be the industry leader in high-tech, weapons safety accessories, but we need your help.  We know this is bigger than ourselves and we look to you, responsible gun owners and community members, who are willing to be a part of this journey with us.  On November 16, 2015, we will launch our crowdfunding campaign via and Guardian will be available for pre-order at a discount of $100 off our future in-store price of $299.  More details on the campaign including early bird specials at even larger discount’s, contests, and a referral rewards program will be coming soon. Visit us at, like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter to get the latest on all of these details.

Finally, help us spread the word as far and as wide as possible.  To start this conversation, we are pleased to release a brief prototype test video that demonstrates the basic operation of Guardian.  This is the first time this video has been released to the public and, as an early supporter, you are seeing it here first!