Over the last few weeks, we've been humbled and pleased to receive several testimonials expressing support for Veri-Fire, our mission and Guardian.  Today, we are sharing one we received from Mr. Mark Ashby.  Mr. Ashby is a 20 year veteran of the Thornton Police Department in Colorado.  He is also the Executive Director of the LEAD Impairment Training program for the State of Colorado.  Here's what Mark had to say: 

"I’ve been a Police Officer for over 20 years.  Firearms are a tool that I carry with me every day.  Responsible gun ownership is something that I advocate for daily.   This includes securing your weapons after a shift, a trip to the range or while sitting in your home.

How can I have reasonably quick access to my firearm while maintaining complete security over my gun? I can use a lock, but that will take time and can be defeated with a key.  I can leave the weapon in my night stand but that eliminates any type of 24 hour control.  I can lock it in my safe but that takes time to open.  The Guardian is the solution to my firearm’s safety dilemma.

When I put my hand onto my pistol, in its natural position, my index finger is perfectly aligned with the biometric finger print reader.  If I’m an authorized user then the weapon goes “hot” with the trigger guard removed.  If I’m not approved, the firearm is rendered useless.  It’s that simple.  My weapon is secured 24 hours a day no matter where I keep it.

As a Father, a Husband and a Police Officer I would ask any gun owner to take a look at the Guardian by Veri-Fire.  I believe that the Guardian is an outstanding product which will allow handgun owners to protect their family no matter what."

If you'd like to connect with Mark Ashby, check him out on at: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-ashby/18/805/4a0.  Thanks, Mark!