In appreciation for the overwhelming response across the Veri-Fire Community, we are offering an exclusive, limited time offer to all of our supporters!  Our Pre-Launch Exclusive Offer allows you to reserve Guardian (limit 5) before the rest of the world at the incredible price of $159.00!  That is $140.00 off the retail price!  This offer will be valid until our official product launch to be announced later this month.

Please ensure all of the below information is correct.  Errors could result in our inability to reserve you Guardian.

Want to know more about Guardian?  See the bottom of this page for more information or checkout our homepage here.

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What is guardian?

Veri-Fire Guardian is the first product of its kind. 

Guardian is not a smart gun.  It is a safety device that attaches to the trigger guard of your handgun via a custom adapter.  Guardian's spring-loaded, light-weight, metal slide physically blocks access to the trigger of your handgun when pulled to the rear and locked.  When an authorized handgun user authenticates via fingerprint, Guardian unlocks allowing the slide to snap forward granting access to the handgun trigger.  Guardian is self-contained, can store up to 5 user profiles and comes equipped with a manual override in the unlikely event of a malfunction or expired battery.

With Guardian, your handgun can be unlocked and ready in less than a second and reliably secured just as quickly.