Guardian is not a smart gun, but it is the first product of its kind.

Guardian is a safety device that attaches to the trigger guard of your handgun via a custom adapter.  Guardian's spring-loaded, light-weight, metal slide physically blocks access to the trigger of your handgun when pulled to the rear and locked.  When an authorized handgun user authenticates via fingerprint, Guardian unlocks allowing the slide to snap forward granting access to the handgun trigger.  Guardian is self-contained, can store up to 5 user profiles and comes equipped with an optional secondary PIN access and a manual override in the unlikely event of a malfunction or dead battery.

With Guardian, your handgun can be unlocked and ready in less than a second and reliably secured just as quickly.

What about other types of firearms? Shot guns? Rifles? etc?

Due to the different geometries of these weapons, the current version of Guardian is not designed to fit any of these types of weapons.   However we do have some preliminary designs for future products to address additional firearm types.

What is the advantage of Guardian over more traditional firearm security mechanisms? 

The biggest benefit of Guardian is the speed of both accessibility and security.  Most existing solutions make you fumble with keys, memorize combinations or struggle with a cable looped through your firearm.  Then, once you get your handgun removed from its enclosure or untangled from a cable lock, all safety is completely removed.  The fact that Guardian stays attached to your weapon means that you are able to maintain an additional layer of security wherever you need it.  

How many people can I authorize to access my handgun with Guardian?

Guardian authenticates access based on authorized fingerprints, not individual users.  Owners can store up to 5 distinct fingerprints in Guardian’s onboard memory.  Guardian allows for continued management of access to the weapon, including the deletion of stored fingerprints and the addition of new ones.  Additionally, owners have the option of establishing a 4-digit PIN that they can use to unlock Guardian.

what happens to my fingerprint Data once enrolled?

Absolutely nothing.

Guardian is completely self-contained and has no external data connections or wireless communication capabilities.  That means that fingerprints that are enrolled in Guardian cannot be remotely accessed by anyone, including Veri-Fire.  It also means that Guardian cannot be remotely locked, unlocked, or altered in any way.  You maintain full control of your personal information.

How quickly does Guardian unlock?

When presented with an authorized user’s fingerprint, Guardian authenticates and unlocks in less then 1 second.  The optional PIN access is just as fast. 

How is Guardian attached to my handgun?  Is it permanently attached or attached only when the gun is not in use? 

Guardian is semi-permanently attached to the trigger guard of the handgun via a custom adapter. This means that Guardian stays attached to the handgun even in the unlocked position.  However, from the unlocked position, Guardian can easily be removed from the firearm in less then 5 minutes.  There is no damage or permanent alteration to your handgun.

How does Guardian impact the weapon’s operation and performance?

Guardian has no impact to normal weapon operation.   All normal weapon functions, such as load/unload, cock/de-cock, safe and fire (while unlocked) are available.  Guardian weighs less than a pound and has no impact to your ability to accurately aim and fire your weapon.

Is Guardian designed to be attached to multiple weapons or does it need to be customized for each make/model?

Guardian is attached via a custom adapter, designed for a specific make/model of handgun, which assures that each Guardian fits perfectly.  As part of the pre-order process, we will contact customers via email to obtain the make/model of their handgun.  A single adapter is included with your purchase of Guardian; however, in the future customers will have the option to purchase individual adapters for different handgun models.  You can see the full list of handguns that Guardian is compatible with here

What is the expected battery life?  What happens if the battery dies?

We anticipate that with normal, routine usage that Guardian will deliver a 1-year battery life.  The device will also have a visual low-battery indicator and a 'chirp' similar to a smoke alarm to indicate when the battery is low.

In the event that the battery is not changed in time, an owner can replace it, even with Guardian in the locked position.  It is important to note that due to the type of memory used, the authorized fingerprint(s) and PIN remain stored in the device, even if the battery has to be changed.

How do I access my handgun in the event that my fingerprint won't read or if Guardian malfunctions?

Guardian owners have the option of establishing a 4-digit PIN that will allow them to access the device, even if their fingerprint is unreadable for some reason.  In order to combat unauthorized users from "testing" the PIN, Guardian will lock out after 3 unsuccessful attempts and will only be able to be unlocked via an authorized fingerprint.  Additionally, Guardian will come equipped with a specially designed tool, which will allow the owner to conduct a manual override.   

Is the device sensitive to variations in the fingerprint--e.g., grease, dirt, MOISTURE, cuts, etc?

Guardian utilizes a high-quality fingerprint reader and can detect minor changes in fingerprints between enrollment and unlocking.   This means that it can be susceptible to generate errors if an authorized user’s fingerprint appears substantial different from when it was initially enrolled.  Cuts on fingers, excessive dirt, perspiration, or moisture can all contribute to reduced accuracy of the fingerprint reader. 

It is important to point out that all firearm-locking mechanisms depend on either something you know (combination locks) or something you have (key locks).  Guardian eliminates those requirements since you always have your finger "with" you.

What kind of warranty will be offered on the device?

At a minimum, Guardian will come with a one-year warranty.  Based on the results of our final manufacturing process and testing, we will determine if an extended or even lifetime warranty is feasible. 

Where will Guardian be available?

At launch, Guardian will be available throughout the United States.   If you are outside the United States and wish to order, please contact us. 

WILL guardian be offered in a left-handed version?

Yes.  While the majority of our photos and graphics show a right-handed version, there will be a left-handed version for sale.  However, it is important to note that there is nothing stopping a left-handed shooter from enrolling and unlocking a right-handed version of Guardian and then simply adjusting their grip after the device unlocks.

Is Guardian compatible with my existing, rail-mounted laser, flashlight, etc?

Unfortunately, no.  Due to the space required for proper attachment of Guardian, it will be impossible to mount with other rail or trigger-guard mounted accessories.  There are some models of pistol grip-mounted lasers that may be compatible with Guardian, but these will vary from model to model.

Why doesn't Guardian incorporate a laser, flashlight, etc?

We didn't want to delay our launch in order to fully integrate additional features, but we will definitely be incorporating them in the future.  However, since some customers have specifically requested *not* to have these features included in the basic model, we wanted to come up with a way to accommodate all users.  

Our intention is to develop all of these 'add-on' capabilities (laser, flashlight, camera, etc) as completely optional, interchangeable sheaths that can be easily switched out while maintaining the same core Guardian biometric lock functionality.  That means that you can purchase a Guardian now and then add different optional sheaths as they are released, based on the capabilities you want  for your personalized Guardian.

how do 'pre-sales' work?

Pre-Sales allow early adopters to purchase Guardian directly from Veri-Fire at the deeply discounted rate of $100 below retail. These purchases allow us to accelerate the process of optimizing Guardian for manufacturing and assure that you will be one of the first people to receive Guardian when the commercial version is complete. 

when will guardian ship?

Manufacturing a product like Guardian is a complex and expensive process and we are committed to delivering the highest quality safety product you have ever owned.  We are in the process of partnering with various investment entities.  The success of the fund-raising process will determine how quickly we can ship Guardian.  

Is it possible to invest in Veri-Fire?

We recently decided to begin searching for investment parnters for Veri-Fire.  If you are a venture capital firm or other investment entity and are interested in investment, please feel free to contact us at: info@veri-fire.com to receive details. 

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